"When all 5 members are shining, that's when BIGBANG shines"- Seungri

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Fiza/23/rarely here/patiently waiting for BB's comeback.

That was one of the saddest things about people—their most important thoughts and feelings often went unspoken and barely understood.

— Alexandra Adornetto, Halo (via larmoyante)

Artist: jun ji hyun
Track Name: "Chun SongYi fab Engrish compilation."
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Big Bang has lots of talents? No. We are people who strive hard for our dreams. Before our debut, people said we were going to be the idols who sing ‘Hip-Hop,’ we are the ones who have loads of talents… However, I think that we are not only these, we are the ones who try to exceed our own limits with our hard work and let them blossom into beautiful flowers. People said I do all the parts for the albums since I compose songs, write lyrics and arrange them. Do you think it is true? I don’t. We all work so hard to show our own colours via the songs. We don’t know what means by ‘enough, that’s okay already,’ when we are in the studio. We will only stop until we find our own colors in the songs. - G-Dragon, “Shout Out to the World”

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He is the country’s representative ingredient for fan service. - GD

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biggest hyung couldn’t resist to bully daesung and the leader didn’t want to miss the fun~

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Greatest moment in recent Big Bang history

Greatest moment in recent Big Bang history

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make me choose: lee jongsuk or kim woobin

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Bullying the maknae as usual.

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Dark and light. :)

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19/ Favorite K-pop Music Video: #19 - Crooked ( G-Dragon )

get to know me: favorite male groups → BIGBANG

Big Bang is the group I want to be with till I die. I want us to be five members. Forever. ” -  Seungri


Dazzling artwork with flowers by Limzy

You’re going to South America, Mr. Fredricksen?”

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